Brokerspaces Workshop | Fundamentals of Selling Workshop

MAY 18, 2019 VentureSpace PH
724 Shaw Boulevard, 1552 Mandaluyong, Philippines

What makes a salesperson effective, whether online or offline, all boils down to their attitude and mindset. You can teach all the latest technologies and techniques, but if that person’s attitude and mindset are not consistently strengthened, they will not reach their full potential.

On May 18, Saturday, you will learn practical and actionable skills you can use to improve your sales results.

Maxwell Method of Selling

“Sales skills for every leader”

As Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, I can provide the Fundamentals of Selling Program (Maxwell Method of Selling) with the following objectives: :
  * Master effective sales closing strategies.
  * Learn how to overcome sales objections.
  * Be prepared for every sales opportunity.
  * Understand each step of the sales process.

Our Guest Speaker talk will be delivered by Janette Toral, Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.

Door Price: 20,000 (inclusive of Snacks and Certification)

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